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I attended NGS a few weeks ago, and I can’t say enough about the need for genealogists to take as much training and expose themselves to as many different opportunities to learn as possible. They are all around us. Classes, genealogy groups, online chat rooms and discussion forums, professional genealogy journals and mass media genealogy magazines, blogs…there is just no excuse not to soak it all in. After 12 years, I’m still learning how to be better at this and don’t expect that to change.

Tonight I attended my friend Alice’s last genealogy class of the semester. She and I both teach non-credit genealogy classes at Howard Community Classes, and we always try to support one another. Alice is a great teacher.

bookTonight was a real treat because Angela Walton-Raji gave a lecture about Black-Native American Research. Angela is an expert in Black-Native American research and has been for some time. I bought her book, Black Indian Genealogy Research when it first came out years ago, and I didn’t realize there was an updated version out. So I’ve got to buy that. This book needs to be in every African-American genealogist’s library. She also has another website she has maintained for years, African-Native Genealogy and History.

Angela’s talk, of course, was informative and reinforced many thoughts I’ve had about my own family. I came away energized and enthused. Angela started an African Podcast awhile ago, and if you haven’t tuned in yet, you should make it a weekly habit.

Just another example of all the good stuff out there if you just poke your head out there and jump in.

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