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slaveerysouthI just discovered another terrific resource, and you know I believe in sharing. The book shown at right, “Slavery in the South”, by Clayton Jewett and John Allen, was originally conceived as a textbook for seniors and college students working in the subject area. But it turns out to be a dream resource for African-American genealogists.

The book gives a history and timeline for each state, of slavery. I just purchased the book, and I am profoundly impressed. Each section provides that state’s unique history, including their laws re: slavery and freed blacks–that is such a critical piece of understanding your ancestor’s lives. It includes plenty of primary material from the enslaved, and I think the inclusion of that (as opposed to material created and written by slaveowners) is what pushes this book into the ‘exceptional’ category. Each section includes a bibliography, and there are a good dose of statistics (for example, numbers of slaves at various times) and Appendixes provide additional contextual information. Although this book was not conceived for genealogists, to have all this information in one place is quite phenomenal. Great information to add to the write-up of your family’s story.

The book is not cheap ( I bought a used one for $60) but GoogleBooks has it, and if you do an internet search, you could always just copy the information for your state of interest. That’s how I found out about it. But you know me–I’m always looking to add to my genealogy library;)

Check it out, family.

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