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Happy 101 Award

I have been given the Happy 101 Award by none other than my favorite genea-buddies, Sandra, Michael, Renate and Mavis. I have been under the weather lately, tired alot and not at all feeling my normal happy genealogy self (which explains my dearth of postings), so this was something that put a much-needed smile on my face. My humble and gracious thanks to all of you.

The Award asks me to list 10 things that make me happy so here they go:

  1. My life, family and friends. Even more so at times of tragedy like the current one in Haiti.
  2. Doing genealogy and all the great people I’ve met in this endeavor.
  3. Lying on any Caribbean beach.
  4. Helping other people.
  5. Cooking–I love to cook.
  6. The sound that doves make. Reminds me of summers spent at my grandmother’s house as a child.
  7. Getting any kind of massage or facial or spa treatment.
  8. Watching movies and listening to classic music.
  9. My two cats, Max and Roman and pretty much all animals.
  10. Reading a good book.

And I will recognize simply my favorite blogs:

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Taneya’s Genealogy Blog
Into the Light
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African-American Genealogy Examiner
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