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I’m happy to participate in the first Carnival of African-American Genealogy (CoAAG) hosted by the ever-fabulous Luckie Daniels of Our Georgia Roots fame. The subject is Slave Records and Genealogy Research and Luckie posed several questions from which we could choose to blog. I’ll address 3 of those questions.

1. Does it matter if (slave records) are related to your ancestral lines or not?

A big part of my love for this endeavor is the collaborative nature of most genealogists. I look for opportunities to reclaim all slaves from obscurity, and even if they are not related to me, I try to compile lists of names and disseminate them so that they might be found by their descendants one day. Thats what my sister blog, Giving Back to Kin, is all about.

2. As a descendant of slaves, have you been able to work with or even meet other researchers who are descendants of slave owners?

I was fortunate early in my research to contact several descendants of one of my slaveowners and find them to be ready and willing to share. They helped me figure out several critical pieces of information. I’ve only had success with that one line, but I’d jump at the opportunity to contact others.

3. Have you ever performed a Random Act of Genealogical Kindness involving slave ownership records? Or were you on the receiving end of such kindness?

I try to do this as much as possible. I shared a critical Freedmen’s Bureau labor contract with fellow genea-blogger Taneya that had her enslaved ancestors listed (She blogged about it here).¬† I truly enjoy that feeling, of helping someone. Personally, I’ve had too many acts of kindness bestowed upon me over the years to even try to document.

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